3 Cities in 7 Days - Lisbon, Portugal

It was time for our last destination traveling with Tjäreborg. A beautiful sunny day welcomed us to Lisbon, Portugal. This city is a gorgeous place with amazing architecture, yellow vintage trams and white cobblestone streets along the Tejo river.

On our arrival, we did a brief stop at our hotel to drop off our bags. We decided to leave the city for the day and head over to Cascais, not far from Lisbon. Taking the metro and a local train was very easy and fast, it took us around 30 plus minutes to get there. There are many beautiful beaches to choose from near Cascais. Of course we chose the one with the biggest waves. 

We enjoyed the sun on the beach and after a few hours we went for a walk around the centre of Cascais. After sightseeing, it was time to head back to Lisbon to find a place for dinner. Lisbon is definitely a foodie's paradise. There are many restaurants in the centre, but it might be hard to find a seating on a saturday night. We were very hungry and the only restaurant that had available seats was an Italian restaurant. So we ended up having pizza once again. After the dinner it was time to head back to the hotel.

I had gotten an email alert about ASP surf contest held all over the world and I noticed that this time it was in Portugal. I did a quick search on the internet and realized that it is only an hour away in Peniche. So I told Samuel that ok, this chance doesn't come often. Let's go!

This totally changed our plans for the day, but it was worth it. We rented a car from a local rental company and made our way to Peniche. The drive was nice, we got to see some typical Portuguese countryside. The surf contest is a big deal and the beach was full of people watching the best surfers in the world compete over the victory. We had fun times and it was definitely a neat experience to get to see this. We definitely want to come back to surf there. Peniche is one the best places to surf in Europe! We drove back to the hotel at night and just went to bed after a long day under the sun. 

On our last day in Lisbon it was time to explore more of the famous sites in the centre. In the afternoon our friend whom we had met earlier this year, when visiting Lisbon for an Instagram meet took us around. She wanted to take us to a place called Panorâmico do Monsanto, which is an old panoramic restaurant built in the 60's. It is a beautiful place on top of a mountain overseeing Lisbon city centre. This amazing building has been abandoned and it is in bad shape. 

For our last night our friends took us to have the most amazing dinner near the Lisbon city centre. This place is called O Prego Da Peixaria. They serve delicious steak bread! You should definitely visit this place if you are in Lisbon. It was a perfect ending for our awesome 3 Cities in 7 Days trip! 

Our tips for Lisbon:

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