Lofoten is calling and I must go

You might have noticed that Norway and especially Lofoten Islands have been featured in our posts here and on Instagram multiple times. Visiting Lofoten the first time few years ago just left a mark in me with it's amazing mountains and beautiful little fishing villages.

I have been to Lofoten for 6 times now, and the reason why I keep going back is that it is just so photogenic place.  There is still so many things out there that I haven't seen and photographed. Finding a new perspective for photographing there is always a fun challenge. Pushing yourself and progressing as a photographer is important and keeps you going.

I hadn't planned going there, but the weather looked so promising and I hadn't been there with snow covered mountains, so I made a quick decision to pack up the car and head up towards Lofoten for this solo quest.

Below are some of the photos I took on the trip: