3 Cities in 7 Days - Barcelona, Spain

We left a sunny morning in Nice behind and went to the airport to catch our flight to Barcelona. We were super excited and had huge expectations about this city! This is one of the main cities in Europe to visit, but neither one of us had been in Barcelona before. Our plane landed safely after the sunset and we were anxious to go explore the city in the morning.

Our great hotel had bikes available for their customers. We decided to use this opportunity on our first day, as we wanted to see the city and didn't want to spend any time in the metro. This ended up being a very good plan and we got a nice overview of the city and the beaches. This city has such a good vibe and there's things to do for days! We were loving the mixture of old and new architecture.

The next morning we used the public transportation and went to see some of Antoni Gaudís incredible work around the city. He has left astonishing pieces of art behind for later generations to see, even though his greatest and biggest work the Sagrada Família -cathedral is still in the works. After lunch we wanted take to a little rest and went down to the beach to relax. Couple of hours later we were heading back to our hotel, when Samuel started talking to a guy who rents electric bicycles. We got to try them out and we were hooked! We rented them out the next morning which was so much fun! Barcelona is such a good place for biking. There's bike lanes everywhere.

Barcelona is full of life! There is many good shopping streets and you can easily lose track of time and shop till you drop. 

Our tips for Barcelona:

  • Rent an electric bicycle 
  • Great beaches are right by the city, but if you want more privacy, you should head north along the coast
  • Bring your longboard or skateboard along, Barcelona is made for skateboarding
  • The heart of delicious tapas food

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Here is some photos from our trip:

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