3 Cities in 7 Days - Nice, France

We collaborated with a Finnish Travel agency Tjäreborg to make an epic 7 day trip through 3 beautiful cities in Southern Europe. First stop was Nice in France. This was a first time to visit Nice for both of us and we were very excited for our time there. Nice is an amazing city, where you can choose to spend your days laying on the beach and have a refreshing swim in the sea or explore the colourful streets of the beautiful city. 

We arrived to Nice when it was already dark and we just dropped our stuff to the hotel. Then headed to have some dinner in the city. We had been excited to go and see the beach in the morning, but it was actually little rainy the next day which in not normal for Nice. It wasn't raining much and it didn't stop us from enjoying the city. We ended up renting city bikes by our hotel, which we think was the best decision to make on our visit in Nice. When you rent a city bike, you can always return the bike to a bike station located around the city and go on foot when you wan't to see something more closely. We got a very good picture of the whole city when we biked and explored the streets. The next day forecast said that the weather will be perfect and we decided to head over to the La Tour Bellanda to catch the sunrise. It is such a nice place to see the beach and the city when the sun rises. After seeing the beautiful sunrise it was time to head over to the beach before leaving to the airport to catch our flight to Barcelona, Spain.

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Our tips for Nice, France:

  • Rent a bike to see more of the city.
  • See the sunrise or the sunset on La Tour Bellanda
  • Have a nice Italian dinner at La Pizza Cresi
  • Shop fresh fruits and bakings at Place Charles Félix in the morning.

Here is the photo story of our trip: