Trentino adventure through the film camera

I’m writing a more detailed post about my winter adventure to Trentino in a few days, but I just wanted to share some of my favorite moments that I shot on my film camera during the trip.

I was chosen to be the winter ambassador for the area and I got to have an awesome activity filled 2 weeks enjoying the different destinations and different activities the area has to offer. During my time I definitely got to do a lot, but it was still just a fraction of the possibilities there!

Right now you should head over and plan your summer trip there, but I hope you get some inspiration to start planning you winter adventure 2020 in Trentino!

I hope you enjoy these photos while I’m putting together the more closer look to my trip!

This trip was in collaboration with Visit Trentino, but as always, all opinions and reviews are completely my own and truthful.