Iceland getaway

When the weather isn't so pleasing in Finland and you know that there is a chance to go and adventure Iceland with you friends, the choice is pretty easy! Iceland it is! I have visited Iceland five years ago and it was time to visit it again. Winter can be a pretty brutal time to go to Iceland, but now it was looking great and we were going for it! Iceland awaits.

My friends Joel and Philip were flying from Oslo few after I landed to Iceland, so I went to pick up our car for the trip. Of course we were going for a Land Rover Defender... the only way to go in Iceland.

I got the car and picked up the guys from the airport, so the trip was ready to start! The weather for the first day wasn't looking as good as the rest days were looking, so we decided to stop by at the Blue Lagoon (hot springs) right away to get the proper Icelandic welcome! For the first night we head to Reykjavik as the next day Joel had booked us a flying tour which was epic. This was basically the coolest thing ever, even if our fingers were freezing and most of the cool things were only for your own eyes, as shooting from the plane can be pretty tricky. 

For the rest of the trip our plan was to basically drive to Stokksnes and back. We always booked our Airbnb's on the way as we didn't really have a 100% tight schedule. This is such a good way to do it if you're not going at the most busy time of the year. We had a really successful trip and got to see some of the coolest things around and it wasn't too busy at all this time of the year. Such a good adventure. See the photos below! 


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