From dusk till dawn in Trentino

In Spring 2017 we were invited to go and explore Trentino, Italy together with Samuel and Hildengunn for a nice ski and adventure trip. None of us had ever been in that area, so it was really nice to go and have this opportunity. 

Our first destination was Cavalese. My arrival there was a few hours earlier, so I was able to go and do some sightseeing around in this gorgeous village. Almost every town around here are surrounded by mountains, which makes it very very nice. Later that evening when Samuel arrived, we were taken to a nice pizzeria in the centre. Italian food and the eating culture is just marvelous. We got to enjoy that since day one. Although we actually knew that already! On our first dinner I even got to try an amazing Michelin restaurant dish due to my allergies as they brought my food from the next door Michelin restaurant.

As we were in the alps and it was still winter time, so what would an evening be without a spa. Luckily all the hotels we were at had their own spas. Going to a spa became our daily routine. No wonder since it felt amazing after our long days of adventuring and we were here to enjoy the full experience anyways.

We didn’t come here just to enjoy the amazing food and other nice city activities. There are mountains and ski hills everywhere, so we needed get some action on the slopes for sure. Our first full day we went to a ski hill called Bellamonte, where we enjoyed the slopes and to make it even a better experience we had a local lunch up on the hill. Funny thing is that it was a buffet and me and Samuel ate way too much as the food was amazing, so our snowboarding was over for the day. As we were returning our rental equipment we saw that there was an amazing looking luge run. They also had luges for rent, so we needed to go and give it a try! I think we’ve never laughed so much that we were laughing while riding.

Hildengunn finally joined us for the rest of the trip and we got to go for a nice hike in Val Di Fassa, where we moved from Cavalese. We took a lift up to the ski hill and made our way to a nice mountain hut by walking. The weather was amazing and it was a perfect time to enjoy a nice cup of coffee. We were really slow as we were taking photos on the way once in a while. We tried to be fast as we wanted to take a gondola to an amazing lookout place before it closed for the day. We made it just in time and got some nice photos from the amazing mountain top.

We had few days of nice guided snowshoe/mountain adventures. The first hike was to visit Malga Canvere where on the way our guide showed us all these interesting things about the local nature and surroundings. The area there is just amazing and the weather was incredible that day! Our other hike in San Martino wasn’t as lucky as we experienced a huge snowstorm. Despite the weather we still had fun and made the most out of it! Later in San Martino we took a cable car to Altopiano delle Pale di San Martino which would’ve offered an amazing view over the valley. This time we were not that lucky, but I guess we need to come back for that!

Our week went by so fast. We definitely got to see a lot, but there’s so many places I really want to see and experience again.

We highly recommend making your way there and experience the Italian side of the Alps. 

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