Road trip to Lofoten - Daniel & Dad

It was a regular thursday noon few weeks ago and I was having lunch with my dad. I happened to look at the weather app on my phone and it showed near perfect blue skies to Lofoten for the next 4 days. I said to my Dad that I'm leaving to Lofoten today! Then I realized that my dad had never been there and he had always enjoyed our photos and stories from our Lofoten road trips. Kind of as a joke I said to my dad that take few days off from work and come with me! My dad said that I really can't, I need to work and I have some meetings the next day. My dad started smiling and you could tell that he had already made a decision to go with me. He went back to work and arranged the meeting for next week and at 4PM we started our journey towards Norway, as I had packed everything while my dad finished his work for the day. 

We had a car, tent, camping food and no plans.