Always so incredible Lofoten.

Once again Lofoten was calling and I had to go! This time I knew about this trip way earlier than how I usually do it. We had been planning for this trip for few weeks. The crew included Eeva Mäkinen, Daniel Ernst and Hannes Becker. Others of the crew had decided to head over to Lofoten already few months ago. They asked me to join and of course I said yes, because I'm always down when it's about Lofoten.

This time we were very well prepared and we were going to camp the whole 10 days I was there. When the trip got closer the weather was looking very nasty. Eeva and Daniel arrived few days beforehand and I picked up Hannes on my way to the Islands.

First two days the weather was magical and Lofoten really showed it's best sides with some fresh snow on top of the mountains. I was actually able to ride some backcountry one day too when the weather cleared was nice.

The weather turned out to be a lot worse than it had shown on the forecast and there was no camping in the crazy rain and wind. We decided to spend some extra nights in the cabins. There goes our camping trip! We did still have some nice nights outside and few nice hikes. 

For few days it was actually very very bad weather and there was no going outside, and one night we thought that our cabin will fly away! Locals said that it had been close to 40m/s in gusts. So I'm very glad that we were enjoying the warmth the cabins had to offer!

This was the first time for me to rent some cabins there and I really recommend all the ones where we stayed. Really good locations and nice cabins.

Unstad - Arctic Surf
My favorite for sure. If you want to hang out with some other travellers and maybe have a surf!

Reine Rorbuer
Really nice red cabins in Reine. Cabins are all different, our few different cabins were very nice!

And what would a story be without photos? Here you go!