Spontaneus road trip to Lofoten

It was supposed to be very rainy Midsummer celebration weekend here in Finland and we decided not to stay to witness that. Me and Lauri came up with this road trip idea at 12 pm on a Thursday night. We decided to hit the road at 6 am to make it to Lofoten during the day.

Of course we didn't sleep that much as we needed to get all the camping gear together and pack the car. It didn't stop us. At 6 am the car started and we were in good spirits heading towards the Norwegian coast. It is around 18 hour drive including some short stops on the way.

We didn't have any specific plans for our time in the islands. We just wanted to do some hiking during our trip. We actually ended up hiking a random peak in Gimsøy the next morning as it just looked nice! 

When you’re behind the wheel, you can stop and explore whenever your instincts point you towards something cool. There’s so much out there to be discovered.

We really liked topping a mountain and we did some research for our next hike and found a nice peak called Stornappstinden. We were little tired from hiking to the peak Gimsøy so we decided to have a chill day the next and just drive around the islands and go swimming and enjoy the views.

It was nice to see some new places and actually do some real hiking as the most for me has been the 1 hour hike to Kvalvika beach before. Next time I will for sure spend more time on the mountains and go further and higher! 

Until the next trip to Norway... Here are some photos from our trip!