Road trip to Norway - #Finntothewild

I had an empty slot in my calendar and I gave a call to my friend Konsta and asked him to join me on a road trip to Western Norway. Luckily he was also able to make it and we were set.

We started by taking the ferry from Turku to Stockholm. We spent the first night at our friends place in Stockholm and headed to Hamar the next day. In Hamar we were just in time to see the May 17th celebration which is the Norwegian Constitution Day. We watched the beautiful parade there and headed Northwest after the celebration.

It was time for the actual camping trip from there on. We had to turn around on the first day due to the amount of new snow on a mountain pass. It was just too much for our summer tires. We made it near Oppdal and set up our tent right next to a river, which was great! It's actually very easy to find good camping spots in Norway and they usually come with a pretty nice view!

The towns we visited were, Sunndalsøra, Åndalsnes, Ålesund, Geiranger, Stryn, Hemsedahl, Oslo and all the smaller towns in between.  The drive is very nice and the road goes mostly along the fjords or over the mountains, which I like a lot. Hours pass when you just enjoy the views.

Driving in Norway isn't free. Not only the gas price is pretty high, there is tolls and ferries along the way. We had to pay around 60€ for the tolls and 25€ for two ferries. It's definitely not a big amount, but good to remember when you are planning a road trip to Norway.


We got some awesome gear to test out from a Finnish outdoor brand Halti.

Jacket and pants: We picked up some super lightweight pack-away jackets and pants named Pisara. They were perfect to the changing weather conditions we experienced. They kept us dry and protected from the rain and wind for the whole trip! Click here for more details.

Tent: We've actually broken a tent in the wind traveling in Norway, so we were happy to have a nice tunnel tent XPD Finland 3 from Halti with us. It is easy to setup and can withstand the weather conditions easily. I don't want to give it back to them anymore!

Sleeping bags and mattresses: We were pretty much Halti from head to toe. We had their sleeping bags and mattresses and I can say that good gear makes such a difference! Having lightweight and high quality gear will keep you smiling on your trips!

See some of the photos from our trip below!

- Daniel