Two weeks in Thailand

When there is still snow on the ground in Finland, I'm not complaining when I get a work assignment to fly out to Thailand for two weeks!

On our first week in Thailand we shot a music video in the outskirts of Bangkok. It was a weird experience staying in a new city and not exploring or spending any time in the city centre. I guess I have to come back one day. At least we got to see some things that normal tourists usually wont.

We flew from Bangkok to Phuket, where we spent the rest of the trip. Luckily our hotel resort was located pretty far from the touristy areas. It was amazing to wake up to 29°C and wait for the weather to climb up to 36°C during the day. Nice refreshing dip in the ocean is the best thing ever!

Our trip included a visit to an orphanage in the tsunami destruction area in Khao Lak. We also took a boat to Ko Racha Yai, where we went snorkeling  and scuba diving. During our few "off days" we actually rented mopeds to explore the island and see the local lifestyle and the countryside of Phuket. It is not the safest way to get around, but it's definitely the fastest and very cheap.


Check out the photos below!