Trolltunga + Preikestolen

We all know that Norway has some of the most beautiful sceneries to explore. There are couple spots, Trolltunga and Preikestolen, that I have always wanted to go and check out, but never had the chance before. Last week my wife left to Norway and I followed her a couple of days later. She had organized a three day roadtrip for me and my friend to see these amazing sites.

On the first day we pretty much just drove down to the West Coast and got settled in a tent for the night. We woke up early next morning to start the hike and after a four hour long hike we arrived to Trolltunga, which just immediately took my breath away. The scenery is like from a fairy tail. The day after that we climbed to see Preikestolen and it took only a couple of hours to get to this site. You just feel so tiny while sitting on the edge of these massive cliffs. Not only did we get to enjoy the incredible views, but also these three amazing Italian highliners!

Both places are so worth the sweating and sore legs!

- Samuel