Daniel is a photographer and adventurer at heart. He loves adventures and capturing photos of interesting places, people and events around the world.


Daniel has always been a very visual guy and enjoyed nice stories in publications such as Natianal Geography. That all was inherited from his father who had been collecting the magazines for many years. His father has been very into film photography when he had  got into photography in 2003 when his friend bought one of the first digital SLR cameras and we got to use it once in a while. Immediately we started saving money for our own DSLR and the next year we were able to purchase our first DSLR camera.

Samuel started traveling around the world in 2006, when he wanted to learn how to surf and decided to move to Hawaii. He continued his trips to New Zealand, South Africa and also did a road trip through 47 states in the United States. Samuel came back to Finland in 2012.

Daniel moved to New Zealand in 2007 to follow his dreams of snowboarding and surfing. One year later he spent some time traveling through China and then moved to Japan to teach snowboarding in the Japanese Alps for local kids. Daniel moved back to Finland in 2010 and started taking photography business seriously.



We established a brand ambassador service and we are pioneers in building successful Instagram campaigns for brands.

Our clients include: BMW Finland, Red Bull, Vodafone Australia, Vitamin Water, Visit Finland and Rajala Pro Shop.

Daniel Taipale